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Broadsheets and Tabloids – Features and Online Quiz

Identifying Features of Broadsheets and Tabloids

Students identify which features are typically found in broadsheets and tabloids.

‘Broadsheet or Tabloid?’ Task (PDF)



Here is the completed table for page two of the task (PDF, with space for students to write further details/examples), a copy of which is below.



  • Emphasis on important global/national news, political, economic, social and cultural issues.
  • Covers politics, finance and current affairs.
  • Often has a sports supplement.
  • Emphasis on easy-to-understand and dramatic stories about personalities.
  • Covers sensational news, scandals, gossip, celebrities.
  • Has a large sports section.
  • Few photographs, A2 size, black/white.
  • Front page more informative, about public issues.
  • Design emphasises content through detailed articles in small print, with some emphasis on photographs and restrained use of colour.
  • Large eye-catching photographs, A3 size, colour.
  • Front page is entertaining/eye-catching, easy to understand.
  • Design emphasises visual appeal through photographs, colourful font and reversed print on colourful boxes.
  • Informative, factual, serious language, black/white.
  • Dramatic, exaggerated, slang, bold/colour.
  • Formal language, highly researched, factual details, neutral and unbiased, small print.
  • Varied types of sentences.
  • Emphasis on information.
  • Simple language, some research, less details more speculation, bias obvious, large print.
  • Very short sound-bites or sentences.
  • Emphasis on emotion and sensation.




In this quiz, you will be shown the front page of a selection of newspapers and you must select whether you think the page is from a broadsheet or tabloid. Then, you must  identify the highlighted parts of newspapers, and decide if some text/images appeared in a broadsheet or tabloid publication. There are 20 questions and 5 marks for each correct answer.

Please use a nickname/pseudonym, as this will appear along with your result on the list of responses which is accessible below. Lower/upper case will not affect the marks, but spelling and spaces will have an impact.

Good luck!


Once you have submitted your answers, click here to view your result on the list of responses (please allow a few minutes for your name and result to appear).

Answers can be found by selecting the hidden text below.

1. Broadsheet                   

2. Broadsheet                   

3. Tabloid                          

4. Broadsheet                   

5. Tabloid                          

6. Broadsheet                   

7. Tabloid                          

8. Masthead                      

9. Byline (or byline)           

10. Headline                      

11. Caption                        

12. Copy                            

13. Broadsheet                  

14. Tabloid                         

15. Tabloid                         

16. Broadsheet                  

17. Broadsheet                  

18. Tabloid                         

19. Broadsheet                  

20. Broadsheet                  


Click here for an illustrated guide to creating a self-marking quiz using Google Forms.