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Report Writing

This is a small project I did with first year students which revised and assessed some aspects of the Functional Writing and Media Studies aspects of the course.

The PDF (which retains the original format) of the text below can be accessed here. The report format below is only one of several which can be used.



What are reports?

A report is a document which presents facts in a clear and logical way to offer the reader important information.

A report contains facts and information on a particular subject, and gives an account of some event or situation.

It draws conclusions and makes recommendations.

It is written objectively in a formal tone.



What are the main features of a report?

When you are writing a report, make sure you use the following headings.

  • TITLE: Give the report a title.
  • TERMS OF REFERENCE: Mention who requested the report and why.
  • INTRODUCTION: Introduce what the report is about and briefly outline the aims of the report.
  • PROCEDURE: How was the information gathered?
  • FINDINGS: Present your facts and findings.
  • CONCLUSION: The discoveries you made based on the findings of the report. Avoid giving your opinions on the event/situation/incident.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Suggest some steps to take in response to the findings and explain your recommendations (why am I recommending to do this?).
  • SIGNED: Include your name and the date on which the report was written.



Word Construction Activity

Use the letters below to make as many words as you can in 4 minutes. Words with less than three letters are not allowed. You can have a maximum of: three 3-lettered words and four 4-lettered words. No other restrictions.




Sample Report

Pocket Money Survey


To: Board of Management, Hogwarts.


Terms of Reference

This report was commissioned by the Chairperson of the Board of Management to examine the spending habits of the school’s first year students.



A survey was conducted to determine how the pocket money of first year students is spent. The average pocket money was given as €10.



We surveyed 100 students asking them to fill in the questionnaire, which asked:

How much of your pocket money do you spend on the following areas?

  1. Food / Soft drinks
  2. Leisure goods/services
  3. Clothing
  4. Personal goods
  5. Transport



Males (%) Females (%)
Food / Soft drinks 39 24
Leisure goods/services 27 19
Clothing 10 24
Personal goods 14 23
Transport 10 10


  1. Food and drink accounts for the most pocket money: 39% of males and 24% of females.
  2. Leisure is the next priority for males, as they spend 27% of their money in this area.
  3. Females spend equal amounts on food and clothing (24%).
  4. Females spend more of their money on personal goods than makes (24% compared to 14%).
  5. Males spend equal amounts on clothing and transport (10%).
  6. Both males and females spend 10% of their money on transport.



  1. Transport is not a high priority for the students.
  2. Male students spend more than female students do on food and leisure.
  3. Female students give a higher priority to clothing and personal goods than their male counterparts.



  1. Students are spending too much money on food and soft drinks. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry should promote a healthy eating week. Student will be able to learn about their dietary needs from this.
  2. Too much pocket money is being spent on leisure. The school gym should be made available for students at certain times for them to use. They will then be less inclined to spend money unnecessarily.
  3. Students should consider walking more in order to save money they currently spend on transport. The money saved can be put to better use.



Salazar Slytherin.

25th March, 2014.



Using the sample report as a guideline,

circle the errors in the draft report below

and write why you circled each one.



To:       my school!!!



It was open every school day for noms from 11am to 11:15am and again from 1pm to 2pm.


Terms of references

This report was commissioned by the chairperson of the Board of Management to examine the performance of the school shop.



  1. Costs for the year were €750. Sales were €1,000. Profit for year: €350. The profit was donated to the school library for the purchase of new books. They made a load of money from us.
  2. The class surveys I done indicates that the shop was popular with students.
  3. The following probs arose during the year:

(a)   There was an increase in litter near the cafeteria.

(b)   Some old people expressed concern at the sale of so-called ‘junk food’.

(c)    It was difficult to manage the long cues that frequently formed for food because we all want to go to there.



I would like to make the following recommendations:

(a) More litter bins should be provided.

(b) Teachers and some of the older students should help manage the queue.



The shop did grand this year. My recommendations would obviously make it even better.



Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon 80>-<



Your Task

Prepare a report on one of the following:

1. Reading habits of your class.

2. Sports in which your year participates.

3. The type of films your year like to watch.

4. Genres of music your year listens to.

5. Family sizes of your year.

6. What changes your class would like to see in school.

7. A topic of your own choosing (to be agreed with teacher).



Write a letter explaining what you’d like to write a report on. Introduce yourself, explain why you chose this, how/when you will carry out the survey and who will be surveyed. (Draft, then finalised letter.)



Write your report using the ‘Pocket Money Survey’ as a model. (Outline, draft and finalised report.)



Write and design a newspaper article based on your report. Use two/three columns, and include a headline, by-line, and one small picture with a caption. (First: outline the article and draft the design.)




Related past exam questions:


JC English (Higher), Paper I, 2008:

You are a member of your school’s Student Council. As there are now students from a range of  different nationalities attending the school, your Principal has asked the Council to come up with some suggestions to help your school to develop as an intercultural community.

Write a report to be submitted by the Student Council to the Principal outlining your ideas.


JC English (Higher), Paper I, 2002:

The Transition Year Class in your school carried out a survey of how the students in third year spent an average of ten euro pocket money per week. Based on the figures supplied below, write a report on this survey for your school magazine.

Pocket Money Survey

Males Females
Food / Soft drinks 3.90 2.40
Leisure goods/services 2.70 1.90
Clothing 1.00 2.40
Personal goods 1.40 2.30
Transport 1.00 1.00