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Sample Learning Design: ‘In Search of Shakespeare’

As part of European Schoolnet Academy’s Games in Schools course I created this ‘Learning Design’ which revolves around the online PBS game In Search of Shakespeare.

Learning Design revolving around 'In Search of Shakespeare'

Learning Design revolving around ‘In Search of Shakespeare’

In this scheme, students revise their knowledge of Shakespeare’s life, the theatre, letter writing, and article writing.


The Learning Designer

Developed by the London Institute of Education, the Learning Designer is essentially an online tool to help create a lesson plan or scheme of lessons through a series of teaching and learning activities (TLAs). One of its useful features is the pie chart which shows how the time is divided in the lesson to the different types of activities (categorised as Acquisition, Collaboration, Discussion, Inquiry, Practice, and Production).


Further Information

More information on the Learning Designer is available here on IOE’s website and on the project’s website.