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Web of Notes longlisted in The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Longlisted-Buttons-300x2505-300x250Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Web of Notes has been longlisted for Best Education and Science Blog and Best Youth Blog in The Blog Awards Ireland 2015.


Sample Learning Design: ‘In Search of Shakespeare’

As part of European Schoolnet Academy’s Games in Schools course I created this ‘Learning Design’ which revolves around the online PBS game In Search of Shakespeare.

Learning Design revolving around 'In Search of Shakespeare'

Learning Design revolving around ‘In Search of Shakespeare’

In this scheme, students revise their knowledge of Shakespeare’s life, the theatre, letter writing, and article writing.


The Learning Designer

Developed by the London Institute of Education, the Learning Designer is essentially an online tool to help create a lesson plan or scheme of lessons through a series of teaching and learning activities (TLAs). One of its useful features is the pie chart which shows how the time is divided in the lesson to the different types of activities (categorised as Acquisition, Collaboration, Discussion, Inquiry, Practice, and Production).


Further Information

More information on the Learning Designer is available here on IOE’s website and on the project’s website.

Web of Notes in The Edublog Awards

Edublog_Awards_Badge_WebofNotesEdublog Awards 2014

Web of Notes is a finalist for Best Educational Use of Media in The Edublog Awards 2014.

To vote, visit this page (or the page here) and press the like button beside ‘Web of Notes’.

Thank you so much for your support!

FÉILTE 2014: Storify

The Storify can be viewed here.


Update 18/11/14:  The Teaching Council‘s recordings added to the Storify. The programme and recordings can be accessed here.

INOTE 2014: Storify and Padlet

INOTE 2014: Storify and Padlet

The Storify can be viewed here, and the Padlet from @INOTEnews here.

Adjective! – LSRW Activities and 350+ Definitions

The 350+ adjectives in the PDFs and slideshow below are compiled to help students expand their vocabulary, in particular when answering questions such as:

“Describe the character of…”

“What sort of person do you think…?”

“What do you learn about the personality of…?”

“What impression do you form of…?”

Any additions or updates to the lists will be announced on Facebook and Twitter.


Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Activities

I’ve detailed collaborative writing, improvisation and story chain activities, as well as a game called ‘Homonym!’, on the ‘Homonym!’ post which can be adapted for use with the adjectives below.


Cards (PDF)

See the captions below each image for details of the PDF.

List of Adjectives Table of adjectives with definitions


2 pages


8 pages

‘Advective!’ Alphabetical ‘Adjective!’ Random


45 pages (8 cards/words per sheet)


45 pages (8 cards/words per sheet)

‘Adjective!’ Blank ‘Adjective!’ Score Sheet


1 page (8 blank cards)


Sample table for sentences and points



Online Cards

The cards will appear in a random order in the slideshow below. Press the pause button to stop the auto-play and use the arrows to navigate between cards.

Useful alternative to printing out the cards, especially if students have their own devices.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: JavaScript required to view slideshow.