B Questions (H)

Past Exam Questions (By Category)


  • 2002, Text 2:  Drawing on the detail in the text, and its accompanying illustration, draft the text of an advertisement that offers the home and its contents for sale.



  • 2013, Text 2: Your class has decided to produce a book about “un-heroic” or ordinary people as a fund-raiser for a local charity. Write the text for the introduction of this book, in which you explain the purpose of the book and why your class thinks it is important to celebrate ordinary people.
  • 2013, Text 3: Write an opinion piece, for inclusion in a series of newspaper articles entitled Must-see Attractions for Tourists, in which you identify one place or public building in Ireland that, in your opinion, tourists should visit and explain your choice.
  • 2012, Text 3: Your school’s Student Council is currently discussing the issue of school outings, educational trips, theatre visits, etc. Write a persuasive article for your school website supporting or opposing such events.
  • 2011, Text 1: Write a feature article for a travel magazine about a place you have never been to but would like to visit. In your article explain what you find fascinating about this place and why you would like to go there.
  • 2008, Text 2: Students in your school have been invited to contribute articles to the school website on issues relevant to young people. This week’s issue is “We are what we wear”. Write an article for the website expressing your views on the topic.
  • 2001, Text 2: In the text, Mary Robinson refers to the importance of “the local community”. Write a short article (150-200 words) about a project or activity in your local community, which you admire or condemn.


Diary Entries

  • 2011, Text 3: Imagine you are Sarah, the young girl in Text 3. Based on your reading of this extract, write two diary entries, one shortly before and one shortly after your journey to Dublin.
  • 2008, Text 2: Write two diary entries: one written by Alexander, recalling his encounter with Eva in Tompkins Square Park and the second by Zach, giving his thoughts on hearing that Eva has purchased the violin.
  • 2006, Text 1: Imagine that, in an attempt to control his feelings, the boy in Text 1 writes into his diary an account of the incident and his reactions to it. Write out his diary entry.
  • 2005, Text 1: Write three diary entries that Margaret Ann might have written over a series of Saturday evenings. Your writing should relate to her experience as described in the passage.
  • 2003, Text 3: Write three or four diary entries that record the details of a disastrous holiday (real or imaginary) that you experienced.
  • 2001, Text 4: Choose one of the people pictured in Text 4 and write four short diary entries that your chosen person might write on one important day in his/her life. You should indicate clearly the person you have chosen and you should write the diary entries as though you were that person.



  • 2010, Text 1: Imagine yourself fifty years from now. You have achieved great success and public recognition in your chosen career. Write the text of an interview (questions and answers) about the experiences and influences in your youth that contributed to your later success.



  • 2007, Text 1: Imagine you are running for the position of Student Council President in your school. Compose an informative election leaflet encouraging students to vote for you. It should outline your own leadership qualities and the changes you would like to introduce into your school.



  • 2014, Text 3: Inspired by Seamus Heaney’s essay about the importance of objects from the past, your class has decided to organise an exhibition celebrating the significance of objects from childhood in the lives of well-known people. Write the letter you would send to a well-known person, inviting him or her to contribute an object from his or her childhood and a written explanation regarding its personal significance. In your letter, you should explain the inspiration for the project and include, as an example, a piece you have written about an object from your childhood that is of significance to you.
  • 2012, Text 1: Write a letter to Margaret Laurence, in response to Text 1, commenting on what you find interesting in the extract, and telling her about your home place and its impact on you.
  • 2010, Text 2: Write a letter (dated June 2010), intended to be read by future generations, in which you express your hopes for planet Earth in the year 2050.
  • 2009, Text 3: Imagine your art teacher is compiling a photographic exhibition to reflect the lives of young people today. She has asked students to suggest images they would like included. Write a letter to your art teacher proposing five images that you believe should be included and give reasons for your decision in each case.
  • 2008, Text 1: Imagine your art teacher is compiling a photographic exhibition to reflect the lives of young people today. She has asked students to suggest images they would like included. Write a letter to your art teacher proposing five images that you believe should be included and give reasons for your decision in each case.
  • 2007, Text 3:  Imagine you have a friend in another country which is considering the introduction of a ban on smoking in public places. Write a letter to your friend advising him/her either to support or not to support the proposed ban. In giving your advice you may wish to draw on the recent experience of the smoking ban in Ireland.
  • 2006, Text 2: Write a letter to a famous writer or celebrity or sports personality of your choice offering your services as a ghost writer for a future book. In your letter you should outline the reasons why you believe you would make a successful ghost writer for your chosen author.
  • 2005, Text 2: Write a letter to a photographic magazine in which you propose one of the four images for the award “Best War Photograph of the Year.”
  • 2004, Text 3: Write a letter to one of the people from the collection of visual images in this text, indicating what appeals and/or does not appeal to you about the work which that person does.
  • 2003, Text 1: Imagine that you have discovered a time capsule containing a number of items from the distant or more recent past. Write a letter to a local or national newspaper announcing your find and describing the items contained in the capsule.
  • 2002, Text 1: Choose one of the visual images in this text and, in a letter to Carl Sandburg, write your response to its inclusion in the exhibition of photographs entitled The Family of Man.



  • 2005, Text 3: Imagine that as a reporter for a local newspaper you plan to interview a celebrity of your choice. Write a proposal/memo for the editor of your newspaper in which you explain why you want to interview this celebrity and giving an outline of the areas you hope to explore in the course of the interview.


News Reports

  • 2014, Text 1: Imagine that the story of the disappearance of Dell Parsons, outlined in Text 1, has captured the public’s imagination. You are a reporter with a national radio station. Write the text of a news report, on the Dell Parson’s story, to be delivered on the station’s main evening news bulletin. In your report you should communicate the facts of the case as known (based on Text 1) and further speculate as to Dell’s whereabouts and possible developments in the story.



  • 2012, Text 2: Write a proposal, to be submitted to the relevant authority (e.g. local council or national body), suggesting one event or person you believe should be commemorated. Explain why you feel this person or event should be commemorated and suggest what form this commemoration might take.



  • 2006, Text 3: There is much discussion as to whether or not young people are being exploited by advertisers. Write a short report to the Advertising Standards Authority outlining your views on the matter.
  • 2004, Text 2: Imagine that Mr Pappleworth is asked, on the basis of Paul’s first day at work, to write a report giving his impressions of Paul Morel as an employee. Write the text of his report.



  • 2009, Text 1: Imagine you are making a cartoon film (featuring animals as characters) either to promote or oppose zoos. Write the script of a scene (in dialogue form) between two of the animal characters.


Speeches and Talks

  • 2014, Text 2: The text is based on a series of public lectures delivered by various writers on the topic of influence. Young people today are subject to many influences. Write the text of a talk you would deliver to your class in which you consider some of the positive and negative influences on young people’s lives today and how they respond to these influences.
  • 2013, Text 1: You have been asked to give a talk to your class entitled: Television and radio in the lives of young people today. Write the text of the talk you would deliver to your class in which you consider the role of television and radio in the lives of young people today.
  • 2011, Text 2: Write a talk, to be delivered to your School Book Club, on the enduring appeal of the mysterious in books, films, etc. You might refer to some of the following aspects of the mystery genre in your answer: setting, tension, suspense, dialogue, characterisation, atmosphere, music, special effects, etc.
  • 2010, Text 3: Write the text for a short radio talk where you explain the importance of books in your life and in today’s world.
  • 2009, Text 2: Write a short speech in which you attempt to persuade a group of parents that older teenagers should be trusted to make their own decisions.
  • 2007, Text 2: Imagine your local radio station is producing a series of programmes entitled “Changing Times”, in which teenagers are asked to give their views on the changes they welcome in the world around them. You have been invited to contribute. Write out the text of the presentation you would make.
  • 2004, Text 1: You have been asked to give a short talk to a group of students who are about to start first year in your school. Write out the text of the talk you would give.
  • 2003, Text 2: You have been asked to give a short talk on radio about an interesting journey you have made. Write out the text of the talk you would give.
  • 2002, Text 3: You have been asked to give a short talk on radio or television about a fundamental human right that you would like to see supported more strongly. Write out the text of the talk you would give.
  • 2001, Text 1: Imagine your job is to welcome a group of foreign students to Ireland. Write out the text of a short talk (150-200 words) in which you advise them how best to get along with the Irish people they will meet.
  • 2001, Text 3: Imagine your local radio station is producing a programme entitled Comic Moments in which a person from the community introduces his/her favourite comic moment from the world of radio, television, or live performance. Write the text (150-200 words) of the presentation you would like to make.

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