35 Short Films

Collection of Short Films


Alive in Joburg (2006; dir. Neill Blomkamp)

An eerie tale of a close encounter of the third kind in Johannesburg. Blomkamp's film District 9 is loosely based on this short.


Badgered (2005; dir. Sharon Colman)

The tale of a grumpy badger who just wants the world to let him sleep.


Badly Drawn Roy (2004; dir. Alan Shannon)

Meet Roy, Ireland's only living animated character, born into an ordinary 'live action' family. Roy is intelligent but unfortunately for him he is badly drawn. His failure to gain steady employment finally leads him to Hollywood in search of fame, fortune and corrective surgery.


Blinky™ (2011; dir. Ruairi Robinson)

Soon every home will have a robot helper. Don't worry. It's perfectly safe.


Caine’s Arcade (2012; dir. Nirvan Mullick)

A 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad's auto parts store is about to have the best day of his life and inspire the world.


Doodlebug (1997; dir. Christopher Nolan)

A man waits patiently in his apartment to squash a bug, by he could be hurting himself more than he realises.


Free Chips Forever (2009; dir. Claire Dix)

Becky and her Dad are invincible chip robbers. Nothing can stand in their way. Nothing, that is, except her brother Tom.


Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty (2008; dir. Nicky Phelan)

Granny O'Grimm, a seemingly sweet old lady, loses the plot as she tells her version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified grandchild.


Gumdrop (2012; dir. Kerry Conran and Stephen Lawes)

A robot's life story emerges during a casting session.


Head Over Heels (2012; dir. Timothy Reckart)

After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, their equilibrium comes crashing down, and the couple that can’t agree which way is up must find a way put their marriage back together.


Johnny Express (2014; dir. James (Kyungmin) Woo)

It's 2150. Johnny is a space delivery man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. However, it never goes as planned...


La Maison en Petits Cubes (2008; dir. Kunio Katō)

As his town is flooded by water, an old man is forced to add additional levels onto his home with bricks (cubes) in order to stay dry. But when he accidentally drops his favorite smoking pipe into the lower levels of his home, his search for the pipe eventually makes him relive scenes from his eventful life.


Mr Foley (2009; dir. Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, also known as D.A.D.D.Y.)

Sound effects Mr Foley, but he doesn't know the score.


Mr Hublot (2013; dir. Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares)

Mr Hublot lives in a world where characters made partially of mechanical parts, driving huge vehicles, rub shoulders with each other. A world where the giant scale of machines and the relentless use of salvaged materials reign supreme. A withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, Mr Hublot is scared of change and the outside world. His solution: he doesn't step foot outside his apartment! The arrival of the dog Robot Pet will turn his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion...


My Mom’s Motorcycle (2014; dir. Douglas Gautraud)

A short film about how people use objects to connect with times, ideas, and people.


My Strange Grandfather (2011; dir. Dina Velikovskaya)

A creative person often seems weird, funny and a little bit crazy. Even his friends and family do not always understand him and often feel ashamed of him. But sometimes he can create a real miracle - merely from garbage.


New Boy (2007; dir. Steph Green)

Based on a short story by Roddy Doyle this poignant and comedic short film deftly captures the experience of being the new boy in school through the eyes of Joseph, a nine-year-old African boy.


Paperman (2010; dir. Richard Kelly)

A lone man's quest to find his true love in a busy paper metropolis. Will he find the Papergirl he hopes for? This is the story of Paperman.


Paperman (2012; dir. John Kahrs)

An urban office worker finds that paper airplanes are instrumental in meeting a girl in ways he never expected.


Signs (2010; dir. Vincent Gallagher)

There is magic in what we see every day, sometimes you just have to look hard enough.


Some One Not Like You (2009; Virtual Cinema)

A note begins with one man and gets passed from person to person, but what is it all about?


The Black Hole (2008; Philip Sansom and Olly Williams)

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him...


The Crush (2010; dir. Michael Creagh)

An 8-year old schoolboy is so besotted with his teacher that he challenges her boyfriend to a duel... to the death.


The Eagleman Stag (2010; dir. Mikey Please)

If you repeat the word 'fly' for long enough it sounds like you are saying 'life'. This is of no help to Peter. His answers lie in the brain of the beetle.


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore (2011; dir. William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg)

After a hurricane levels his city, a young man wanders into a mysterious library where books literally come to life.


The Gift (2010; dir. Carl E. Rinsch)

A messenger delivers a mysterious box to a wealthy man.


The Herd (2009; dir. Ken Wardrop)

A farmer and his mother discuss the arrival of a strange animal amongst their herd of Limousin cattle.


The Lady and the Reaper (2009; dir. Javier Recio Gracia)

A sweet old lady is living alone in her farm, waiting for the arrival of death to meet her beloved husband again. One night, while sleeping, her life fades out and she is invited to cross death's door. But when she is about to do so, the old lady wakes up inside a hospital's ward: and arrogant doctor has taken her back to life and he will fight hard against death to recover the old lady's life at any cost. A comical short showing how fast medicine rushes to save the elderly, even if they may not want to be saved from death.


The Longest Daycare (2012; dir. David Silverman)

Maggie Simpson spends the day in the Ayn Rand School for Tots.


The Lunch Date (1989; dir. Adam Davidson)

A woman misses her train and buys lunch in a café. When she returns to her table, a man is eating her salad.


The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky (2008; dir. Padraig Fagan)

A tale of passion, loss, surreal comedy and explosive violence. Animated in a cut-out style combining cardboard, tinfoil, paint on glass and super 8 film creating a dreamy, hand-made aesthetic.


The White Dress (2006; dir. Vanessa Gildea)

The White Dress is the story of a girl on her communion day, but unlike most other little girls, she is making her communion all on her own.


The Wonderful Story of Kelvin Kind (2004; dir. Ian Power)

Kelvin Kind, a wonderful loser with a heart of gold, is blissfully unaware of his own loneliness. But when a beautiful girl moves into the apartment across the hall, Kelvin's solitary world is turned upside down. As he tries in vain to get the girl's attention, Kelvin is soon forced to realise that being in love isn't easy for nice guys...


This Way Up (2008; dir. Adam Foulkes and Alan Smith, also known as Smith & Foulkes)

A.T. Shank & Son have a bad day at the parlour when a falling boulder flattens their hearse. Emotional and literal pitfalls lie in wait for the odd couple as they make their way cross country with just a coffin for company. This short animated caper puts the fun back into funeral as their journey and relationship unravel on an epic scale.


Umbra (2010; dir. Malcolm Sutherland)

An explorer adventures into an unknown world, yet it seems that he has been there before.




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  1. Some fantastic shorts here John. Great post.

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