Film Poster Analysis

I think reading – or, to look at it another way, comprehending – visual texts is a fundamental aspect to students’ social literacy both in Junior and Senior Cycle.

However, from my experience there is a certain stipulation on visual texts as being more ‘suitable’ for Ordinary Level or ‘less able’ English students at both Junior and Senior Cycle: there is no option in Junior Cert Higher Level to study film while there is in Ordinary Level, and, similarly, there isn’t an option to study a film as a single text at Leaving Cert at either Higher or Ordinary level – only as a comparative text. Needless to say, I was delighted when I saw that films were part of the textual choice in the new English specification!

This is a lesson aimed at engaging students with analysis of visual texts – in this case, a batch of film posters I had printed on poster-quality A3 sheets. One could also further this lesson to make it based more on advertising in print, TV advertising, and so on.

Students were presented with their worksheet and were assigned to pairs.

They were given one of these A3 sheets (there were 2 film posters to a sheet) and discussed the poster and their answers before agreeing on what to write.



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