Intro to Drama: Performance Activity (Macbeth 4.1)

Macbeth 4.1 role play activity (adapted from resource at


satscen(edited) adapted from

Possible questions related to the performance activity:

  • What sound effects would you use?
  • How would you perform the scene as the First/Second/Third Witch? Why?
  • What about stage directions – who would move and when? How would they move? Why do you think they would move in that way?
  • How would you describe/visualise the setting?
  • What about costumes? Colours? Props?
  • What effect does the alliteration, assonance, and rhyming have?
  • Explain how you would perform/stage the scene.

Performance of the scene in groups of threes (one for each Witch) can illustrate to students that it is a living text that is meant to be performed, help students understand pace of the dialogue/scene and stage directions, and offer them the opportunity to improvise staging and prop usage, etc.

stage arena


Follow-up design activity (aimed at Junior Cycle students):

Q.1. Design the front page of a tabloid newspaper. Be sure to include a picture of the witches and a short news report about the scene on the front page.


Q.2. Draw/sketch the scene in detail. Include the witches, setting and props in your drawing.


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