LC Ordinary Paper I Format

Paper 1 is worth 200 marks – half of the marks for Leaving Certificate English.

There are two sections in the paper: Comprehending and Composing.

The paper contains three texts on a general theme. Familiarise yourself with all three texts before selecting which text to answer on. You must do Question A one one text and Question B on a different text – you cannot answer Question A and B on the same text.

Read all of the questions to determine which questions you will answer.

Once you have chosen your texts/questions, re-read the questions (underlining the key words) before reading the text. This will help you identify what you are looking for in text.

While reading the text, underline any information relevant to your answers.

Paper One: 170 minutes (2 hrs 50 mins)

Selecting questions: 5 mins.

Section I: 80 minutes.

Section II: 80 minutes.

Checking over paper: 5 mins.

Section I – Question A (50 marks): 40 mins.

You are not allowed do Question A and Question B from the same text.

When answering make one paragraph (approx. 8 lines) for every 5 marks – for example, you should make 3 paragraphs for a 15 mark question and 2 paragraphs for a ten mark question.

In each paragraph, make a statement, support with evidence from the text and explain your answer as much as you can.

Recommended length of answers:

(i) 1/2 to 3/4 page.

(ii) 1/2 to 3/4 page.

(iii) 1/2 page each (1 page total for (a) and (b)).

Section I – Question B (50 marks): 40 mins.

You are not allowed do Question A and Question B from the same text.

Question B will involve writing one of the following: letter, diary, speech, article, report or review for 50 marks.

When answering this question, be aware of using the correct type of language:

Language of Information
Language of Argument
Language of Narration
Language of Persuasion
Language of Aesthetics

Plan your answer carefully in your booklet. Keep in mind the form (e.g. diary entries and letters have different formats), the audience and the register (language appropriate to the task, for example speeches would be formal, logical, well-informed, organised, etc.).

Recommended length of answer: 1.5 to 2 pages.

Section II (100 marks): 80 mins.

This is a very important question in the whole of the two papers because this single question is worth 25% of your total exam result.

There will be seven questions in Section II. They will be linked to the texts in some way, and the titles will range over the five language genres listed above. You are allowed to refer to the texts if necessary, and you may also draw ideas from the texts or the images which accompany them.

Choose one out of seven questions – there will be a short story, an argument or a speech, a personal essay, and the text of a talk. Choose the question with the genre you are most comfortable with and have practised – if you have been practising short stories, you should choose a short story question.

When planning and writing your answer, consider the purpose (must I write a speech, a short story, etc.?), the audience and the register.

Remember to divide your work into paragraphs and be aware of language use.

Recommended length of answer: 3-4 pages.


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